Process - Stelly Selway
Process - Stelly Selway

1. Introductory Discovery Call & Consultation

Complimentary Discovery Call



Consultation Rates:

$425 for US Projects

£370+VAT for UK Projects

The most important phase of our project, the Project Discovery Phase is where we will get to know one another and dive deep into your wants and needs for your project. The first step is to complete our inquiry form. From there, we’ll outline all the details and specifics of your project to identify the ultimate goal for your home. Additionally, this is where we will begin to understand the full scope of your project and schedule an in-home consultations to walk through your space together. We’ll complete a detailed proposal so you have a clear understanding of next steps and fees.
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2. Design, Development & Presentation

After the contract and design retainer are received, the fun part of the project kicks off! During this phase we dig into the details of the design concept and begin thorough research and development. During this phase we collaborate with trades, create floor plans, source fixtures and select finishes. After we’ve carefully crafted your full design plan, we’ll present your bespoke design presentation in your home where we’ll sit down to review all of the details, see samples and adjust the design as needed.
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3. Procurement and Design Implementation

Once the design plan is approved and deposits for items have been received, we begin the administrative work of purchasing, tracking and double checking that each piece that arrives to our receiving warehouse. Further, we provide on-site collaboration with your contractor throughout construction to ensure no detail is overlooked.
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4. Installation

The final phase is where the magic happens – install day! Together with our team of specialists, we’ll move in your furnishings, place rugs and furniture, hang lighting and draperies and complete the installation with professional decor and styling. Depending on the scale of your project, installation can take between one and five days. When the final details are in place, we’ll schedule a professional photograph to capture your project for our portfolio, then leave you to enjoy your new home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire an Interior Designer?

While we are happy to be brought on a project at any stage, being included early on in the process of a remodel or new build is key for optimum design functionality. We recommend bringing us into a project as soon as you hire your architect or contractor as we work alongside these trades, and it can save time and expenses if we work on all aspects of your space together. Our approach to design is different than an architects; we look first and foremost at how you, your family and guests will occupy and utilize your spaces. (ie. our approach to lighting and electrical plans are informed by furniture layouts which are dictated by how you live in your home).

Is any project too small?

No, we work on projects of all scales. We are excited to find design solutions for something as simple as new window treatments to full-scale, multi-million dollar new construction. Do get in touch so we can talk over the scope of your project.

Is there a contract?

Yes. We understand that transparency is key to ensure the comfort of our clients and the success of our projects. We will draw up contracts for every part of your project so that you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying for before you sign on the dotted line. This paperwork assures everyone is accountable for their part.

When can I expect to see an exact cost for the project?

We will present you a completed design and pricing at the time of your presentation. The final cost of the project will be a collaborative conversation based on the approved scope of work and material selections.

How do you present your design ideas? What if I want to make changes after the presentation?

We present all the details during an in-person presentation. We provide as many samples as possible and walk you through the proposed design. Revisions are built-in to the design process, and billed hourly, we will provide updated costs at every stage of the project. We love client feedback and are always open to amending the design to be exactly what you envisioned. We do like to advise that we put forward our Best First, which means that the scheme we present will work harmoniously as a whole, we have found switching out items can unbalance the dynamic, so if you love what is presented then you should go with the scheme in its entirety.

How do you establish your design fees?

As each project presents its own challenges, we charge hourly for the time spent on designing your space:
  • Principal Designer, $175/hour or £130+VAT/hour
  • Design Assistant, $105/hour or £90+VAT/hour
  • Financial Administration, $105/hour or £90+VAT/hour
We are committed to transparency with our clients and will provide regular updates so you always know where you stand in the project.

Do you have a pre-designed design style?

No. Our approach is to take each project on its individual merits and prepare a design that understands and interprets a client’s needs and wishes while reflecting their individual style. The consultation phase of the project is important so that we can consider your personality, lifestyle and aspirations as we work towards the design.

What is an expected project timeline?

Every project is different, but a typical timeline for a furnishing project ranges between 12-20 weeks. Renovation and building projects can last a year or more.

The industry is currently experiencing extended (and delayed) lead times of up to ten months for the delivery of purchased products, the sooner we are brought on board a project, the better.

Do you welcome client’s opinions and perspectives?

Of course! Our goal is to create beautiful and considered designs. It is a collaborative process, and nothing is more satisfying than creating a space that genuinely represents our clients’ lives and stories.

What guarantees do you provide?

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of our ethos, we work with licensed and respected trades to make clients happy with the final outcome. At every stage of the project, we inspect all products purchased and services provided to ensure it meets our standards of excellence. The relationships with our trades are based on mutual respect and trust.

Do I have to make purchases through you?

Yes, the advantage of working with us is our ability to share preferred trade pricing with you. It is more beneficial to make these purchases through us based on our relationships with our trades and vendors. The value of a designer is that you spend the same amount of dollars on your project – but reach a better outcome.

Where do you SOURCE your furniture?

Our unique selling point is the carefully curated mix of product sourcing. We look for the perfect pieces from a variety of craftsmen, vintage, retail and custom.

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