Stelly Selway is an INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO practice that brings to life the global sensibilities of Los Angeles and London, New York and Austin. The studio works with each client to articulate their individual personalities, histories and stories through their spaces. A global network of relationships with vendors and makers enables them to visualize custom design strategies, while an understanding of material and architectural behaviors grants them unique insight into crafting BOLD, BALANCED and BEAUTIFUL interiors.

Two non-linear creative paths led co-principals BENJAMIN STELLY and TANYA SELWAY to a serendipitous partnership in interior design. Tanya’s background in fine art and visual merchandising pairs with Benjamin’s training and experience in fashion and as a photographer, informing their kaleidoscope of references and ideas, and their approach to tactical design solutions. Stelly Selway merges playful yet classical interior design with meaningful contemporary curations, weaving wordliness into the personal.

Stelly Selway practices in interior architecture and interior furnishing. Our full-scale expertise covers materials and finishes selection; custom and sourced furniture, flooring and lighting installs; and landscape and art advisement. Our structural and cosmetic architectural collaborations range from new-builds, to renovations and redesigns. Our clear and defined design process involves a proprietary series of project phases, guiding clients smoothly from initial concept to completion. Beginning with a thorough introduction to each individual and their needs, this process enables us to execute projects efficiently while making room for creativity, innovation, and close client collaboration.

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  • Co-Principal BENJAMIN STELLY carries his multidisciplinary instinct for compelling composition into the creation of spaces. Merging an active photography practice with a decade-long career in fashion and an educational background in architectural design, Benjamin’s perspective reflects an inherently deep-rooted cultural acuity. Informed by strategies both emotional and intellectual, he applies a perceptive understanding to the manipulation of space, manifesting each client’s inclinations, desires and comforts. Benjamin is a native of Austin, Texas and a voracious world traveler.

  • Co-Principal TANYA SELWAY’s multicultural, artistic London upbringing informs her incredibly ambitious creativity applied to the medium of interior design. With a background in the disciplines of fine arts and jewelry, as well as visual merchandising in commercial settings, her keen eye for telling stories through interiors expertly blends playfulness with refinement. Her design vantage point is inspired by California sunshine; the rich color palettes of her transatlantic European, Middle Eastern, and African stomping grounds; vast global histories, and the precise subtleties of emotional relationship with her surroundings. With roots in South Africa, Tanya is a native of London, England where she lives with Jamie, Mila and Althea.

  • EMILY RAE PELLERIN and NABI WILLIAMS support Stelly Selway on internal and external communications. Emily is a writer and strategist with a focus on art, design and creative communities, whose work is rooted in a researched and empathic approach to developing narratives and telling stories about space and aesthetics. Nabi Williams is a publicist, writer, and MA candidate in Critical Fashion Practices at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

  • AMBER GUYTON is a multidisciplinary creative director and dynamic storyteller with twelve years of luxury experience. Amber’s perspective reflects her unceasing cultural curiosity. Her method is to extract truth from clutter, using it to fuel design and interaction that matters. Amber is a Charleston, SC native, currently rediscovering the good in the American South and working globally.

  • KELSEY EDELEN is an experienced consultant in real estate finance, accounting, and strategy, excited by problem-solving through research, analysis, and planning. Curious about systems and structures that create the built environment and lived experience. Compassionate about responsible interaction and empowerment of communities through capital and engagement, particularly within the realms of property development, impact investments, and education.

  • John Davison is an videographer and photographer with a keen eye. With a love of composition and lighting direction, his ability to craft an image is influenced by his background working in fashion, film and live event and music production. John currently lives in London.