Jersey Road: A Work in Progress

Our current project centers around the revitalization of a Victorian end-of-terrace house located in the heart of West London. It's my home! While the residence was functional, it didn't align with the specific needs of our family nor did it adhere to my particular design preferences. As an interior designer, the challenge of personalizing my own living space presents a unique conundrum, given the vast array of design inspirations I'm researching daily.

I'm inspired by French and Brazilian modernism, their use of low lines, simplicity and warmth is something I find particularly satisfying, as a juxtaposition I'm drawn to the playful elegance, color and ornamentation of European design, the detailed mouldings, high ceilings, beams, paneling, checkerboard floors, wood tones, old-world art, marble, and stone.

It is imperative to me to pay homage to the Victorian architectural heritage of the property. Maintaining and integrating original elements while embracing a contemporary design vision demands a fusion of eras to ensure coherence and aesthetic harmony.

The primary objective for the ground floor entails the creation of an open, inviting space that merges a functional kitchen with a dining area conducive to family gatherings and entertaining. This spatial transformation seeks to fulfil both aesthetic and practical criteria, catering to the needs of our family dynamics.

As parents of two energetic children, the necessity of durable and family-friendly materials is undeniable. However, we do not want to sacrifice our choice of materials, or the overall aesthetic, and definitely know that our home should not feel 'precious'. Choosing materials that will age with character over time and use was important to us. Nothing wants to feel too 'new'. As a conscious descision we have chosen materials (aside from the stainless kitchen) that already feel aged, are reused and a little loved.

Our materials palette consists of Stainless Steel Kitchen, red Jasper quartzite for countertops and Staffordshire red quarry tiles for the floor. We are aiming to create a balance between warmth and visual dynamism. Interjecting stained plywood cabinetry, rich velvet build ins and vintage furniture.

In this project, we are explore the intricate interplay between historical preservation, modern design reinterpretation, and functional optimization. We will keep you updated on the progress!